Monday, March 1, 2010


Art manifesto, love, tears, where are my limits, Wall Street performance, Tiramisu cafe window performance, breaking into East Village community gardens, sneaking around New York city and stealing the beautiful private moments of people like drops of hungry ocean pouring through the streets and in their rooms... and what is life and what is love?
where is the hidden magic garden? where are the little red puffs that bring love? where is the enchanted fountain to drink from and get drunk on beauty and overwhelming glacier of rapt pluto-lava?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Woohoo, it just feels great to get 7 reviews;good and bad and then New York Times gives you a Christmas Present with a GREAT one. I'm sharing this with you: RED NOIR

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tjasa & Cock Tales are currently completely consumed by phenomenal Red Noir playing at The Living Theatre. The Spirit is high, big tremendous changes are about to come. We just had a BENEFIT at The Players Club On December 18th and everybody was shivering under divine weight of anecdotes of Martin Sheen, beautiful music of composer Jefferson, hilarious and greatly inspiring words of Al Pacino and presence of the most brilliant and rich people in the audience. Yeah and sexy Josh Hartnett was there too:) We performed a piece of Red Noir and everything felt so intense and meaningful and the following Saturday's show was reaching to heaven, because we couldn't stop praising the gift of being together and talking about how many tears we shed from the exuberant spirit.
Here is a link to a great review

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Loads of pics


More photos from The Midtown International Theatre Festival.
And what's new?
Going back through everything with my precious editor Nancy Manocherian to make it even better! Next production probably in Spring 2010 if Tjasa:) won't be too busy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cock Tales in September

STRANDED, 20 MIN EXCERPT at the divine one night magic event in the honour of Darwin

September 5th some time in the middle of th night, check out

on a tripledecker boat
SEPTEMBER 11th @2am
join this incredible event


dates and times are coming...

Cock Tales rocks @ MITF

Cock Tales was enjoying it's stay at the Midtown International Theatre Festival on
Sat, July 25
Sun, July 26
Wed, July 29

Cock Tales is a juicy cocktail of bed time stories. A victim of the deepest penis envy, Tjasa entertains us with her original playlets about her relentless attempts to catch and internalize the most elusive of creatures. Fresh from Slovenia, Tjasa's exotic Cock Tales promises the most bizarre, humorous and refreshing entertainment New York has to offer.

It all started when my vagina excitedly screamed:" Give me a cock tale! Entertain me!"
She started talking about adventures she wants to undertake, outdoor sports she wants to try, of various creatures she wants to encounter. So, she and I embarked on a journey of growing pains.
Cock tales is a tour through a circus of her achievements and spiritual revelations. It is a colorful cocktail of ticklishly provoking vignettes, sweet-dirty talking cabaret, burlesque acts and an inner penis growing class... An imaginative musical collage and other surprises spice up this unique journey...